Pint Night: Nine Band Brewing

February 25, 2020

Join us for Pint Night with Nine Band Brewing on Friday, March 6!

We’re extending our happy hour prices on all draft beers from 6:30-9 p.m. for the special occasion! Enjoy pints for $4.59 including their four special brews:

Cactus Cat Kölsch | ABV 5.2% | IBU 12
“Legend tells of the cactus cat, covered in its cactusy spines, slashing the prickly pear cactus to open up pools of juice. The fearsome feline returns at the next full moon to drink the now fermented concoction. The caterwauling of the drunken beast can be heard even over the howls of the wind. Our Cactus Cat Kölsch™ is made in the classic German manner, light and crisp with grassy and biscuity notes. Prost!”

The Badge Honey Blonde | ABV 5.2% | IBU 8
“From the time before Texas was a state, men donned badges to bring law to the west and establish peace and safety for settlers. Now police, fire, and EMS all have badges identifying them as servants for the public good. Here is our salute to them, with a light body and a hint of sweetness from local honey used to brew our honey blonde. “The Badge”, a beer for men and women of honor.”

Hellwind IPA | ABV 7.6% | IBU 63
“From the land where storms are born, comes the “Hellwind”. The vortex of air reaching from the ground to the clouds blends together two row and a light caramel malt with an ample amount of Cascade hops to give this “old school” style West Coast IPA a well-balanced flavor sure to calm the strongest winds.”

Dubble Vizion Hazy IPA | ABV 6.3% | IBU 28
“The ancient rolling plains formed by the sea floor long ago, give rise to mankind’s legacy and a new dominant mammal wearing armor for protection from the sun’s radiation. The Nine Banded armadillo sports unique glasses in an effort to see in color, allowing him to see into the rhizomes of all flowering hops. This vision, often referred to as “Dubble Vizion” by the futuristic mammalian brewers, gave them the ability to select the finest and fruitiest flowers. The Futuristic Mammalian Brewers used only the finest 2row, barley and wheat with a splash of oats to give their hazy creation the look of “the nectar of the gods.” And it was good.”

About Nine Band Brewing:

Nine Band Brewing is Texas born and bred, and brews (with pride) out of Allen, Texas. Their brewmaster brings his award-winning experience to create carefully crafted styles with the highest quality ingredients in each of their beers. For more information, visit ninebandbrewing.com.