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Coffee is a staple for us at Black Walnut

We love being a part of your morning routines when you pick up that first cup of the day. We’re here for your afternoon pick-me-ups over a cappuccino with a pastry or dessert. And when you want to settle in for some conversation over coffee dates, we’re your place at your pace.

With National Coffee Day coming up on September 29, we wanted to take you behind-the-scenes and introduce you to the talented team behind every brew of coffee you drink with us: Geva Premium Coffee. They are the leading provider of specialty coffees and teas in the Houston area. Over the last 15 years, they’ve been our partners and roasters, supplying us with everything from our retail bags of coffee to our featured blends in our Coffee of the Month series and our ever-so-popular French Roast.

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To create our signature French Roast blend, they source premium quality green coffee and roast fresh to order. They’ve dialed in this blend so it has a bold body with that distinctive strength we need while at the same time having a great balance and sweetness.

They use a Diedrich Roaster – an indirect burner that applies radiant heat to the roasting drum in an enclosed environment. Most other roasters use a direct heat on a rotating drum which can expose the coffee to certain gases and make it taste impure. Using this indirect heating method results in a much cleaner, more controlled roast.

Geva roasts between 1,300 to 1,500 pounds of coffee every day, or 600-700 kilograms. Every other day, they’ll roast about 100 kilos of our French Roast blend, plus 50 kilos a week for our retail bags of coffee.

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